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To translate a comic
0)Check in the gallery if the comic has already been translated into your language.
If it hasn't:

1)Select one of the blank pages from the =FEATURED= section.
2)Using photoshop or gimp, add the text in, using your native language!
3)Upload into your DA gallery and submit into the proper category.

Advice from :iconglasperlenspielerin:
Translating is more than "knowing the language" - you need to know the culture, the genre in which you're working and you need to know that not every joke CAN be translated (puns especially). Sometimes you have to substitute it with a completely different one, sometimes you might even have to drop it. Not to mention that what works in American culture might not work in Japanese culture, for example - translators should be familiar with BOTH source and target culture to produce a competent translation. Same goes for language, obviously.
After all, if you don't even get the joke how are you supposed to reproduce it in a different language?

So I truly would recommend everyone to check the comic again before making an offer, see if there are parts they are not sure they completely understand. Don't be afraid to check back with :iconalexiuss: if you're not certain - it's better to ask how something was intended than just shooting blindly.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone here, by the way, just stating the facts and trying to get rid of the classic stereotype that anyone who "knows the language" is able to deliver proper translations. That is simply not true. However, if you have the heart and will to do it and can be honest enough with yourself to check if you also have the skills - then go ahead

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